Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Exploring our 5 senses at Audubon Center...

The GS and CP students went to the Audubon Center in Falmouth. There they discovered how animals use their 5 senses in nature. They learned so many things! For example, bats use their hearing to hunt at night, skunks use their bad smell to protect themselves from predators, foxes have curved ears to hear better (did you know they can hear a mouse up to one meter under snow?!). Some animals deceive their predator's sight with camouflage...
They came upon bees, chipmunks and wild turkeys during their trip. They touched rough leaves, soft leaves but stayed away from thorny branches!

 They saw flowers, apples and mushrooms.
 They smelled lemon, coffee, mint and maple syrup but were not able to recognize everything though!

 They heard the wind, acorns falling from the trees, chirping birds and even cars!

They had so much fun!!