Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sugarloaf Friday !

Our first trip to Sugarloaf on Friday, January 22nd was a blast with blue sky and not a bit of wind ! In the morning many students took ski or snowboard lessons with Sugarloaf ski instructors; we all gathered for lunch in the lodge and quickly returned to the slopes for another three hours of skiing with students divided in different ability level groups. I offer my sincere thanks to the parents who made this outing possible by volunteering to help students with skiing, carpooling, providing organizational support, and pitching in to help with lunch and more! Without their help and support, this trip could never have come to fruition. This day will remain a happy memory for our students. It was fun to share this time together outside of the school, such a positive and memorable experience. Our next trip is Friday, February 5th, I hope to see you on the happy trails of Sugarloaf !