Tuesday, December 30, 2014



Johnnycake, formerly known as 'journeycake', was a popular type of bread during the Revolutionary War.  It was formerly carried in the packs of soldiers because it traveled so well and stayed edible for the length of the journey.  The cake was quite popular in homes because it was a hearty meal that could last a week after it was made.

4th Grade students have recently started reading a new novel in English class, The Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare.  The novel is set in Maine back in the 1700's and refers to the Johnnycake bread.

Today, students made Johnnycake and while it was baking, they read the novel together. Johnnycake is made with few ingredients including cornmeal and molasses.  It is hearty, dense bread that is more of a meal rather than a treat.

Students couldn't wait to taste the Johnnycake as it smelled quite delicious when baking.  However, most agreed that the bread smelled a lot better while baking compared to the actual taste of the cornmeal based bread!