Friday, November 16, 2012

Nature Works inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Pebbles by Andy Goldsworthy

Pebbles and Hole by Andy Goldsworthy

Nature has been an on-going theme in our art classes these past few weeks…Studying the art of Andy Goldsworthy was a logical follow-up to the rest of our discoveries. The children first researched his life and his art in little groups. They were absolutely mesmerized by his work…he finds inspiration in nature and uses natural elements to do his sculptures and photographic work (stones, leaves, sticks…) In groups, the children discussed a project and the material they would need. We then went on an expedition in the forest to collect all they needed. Afterwards, they started working on their sculptures only using glue and thread as elements to unify their works. You can see the amazing sculptures that they have created in the hallway!- La classe de CM1 et CM2

Japanese Maple Leaves by Andy Goldsworthy
Ouisty the Oyster- student work

Emperor of Fall- student work