Saturday, October 6, 2012

Visit to Wolfe's Neck Farm: Grades K and 1

We spent most of the day at the farm, and first, we learned the essential rules:

- Be careful and be safe:
Listen to and follow directions, don't go near the electric fences, wash hands well and often

-Be respectful:
Listen to the teachers, and to the questions and answers of the other children participating
Be respectful of the animals, make sure not to excite them or yell loudly
Respect the environment, paper goes in the trash and we need to be careful of the plantings

-Have fun!

We saw rabbits, turkeys, ducks, a big pink pig, goats, sheep, cows and hens!
We learned that animals are raised for their meat, eggs, milk, wool, and also for their droppings which are used as fertilizer.

After we washed our hands, we got into the tractor trailer for a ride to the fields!

We each got to pick a pumpkin for Halloween!
We learned how a pumpkin grows from a seed to a pumpkin,  and we did a "pumpkin dance"! 

Thanks to all of our instructors at the farm, it was a wonderful day!