Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alphabet game for the preschool class: a gift from grades 2 and 3

For this project, we chose to make an alphabet game as a gift to the preschool class. Amélie, their teacher, will be able to use it to teach the letters of the alphabet to the preschool children.
We started by sculpting letters, numbers and signs on potatoes cut in half. We then dipped them into paint and used them as stamps on little squares of paper, like it was done in the beginnings of printing. Next, we painted the letters directly onto white sheets of paper. We then laminated the labels we had created while another group painted the background of the game.
We finished the game in groups, some were drawing the last letters, others were sticking Velcro onto the board, and finally, another group finished covering the labels. We then went into the Preschool classroom to give them the alphabet game and presented some of the games they can do with the letters, numbers and signs. We really liked our work.