Monday, September 5, 2011

Bienvenue à Daria Betts

It is our great pleasure to introduce Daria A. Betts to you. “Dasha” will be assisting Yassine in the K-1 classroom. Dasha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Teaching, Department of Romance Languages from Voronezh State University - Voronezh, Russia, and Masters of Science in Education: MTL and Applied Literacy from the University of Southern Maine, ETEP/ Extended Teacher Education Program. She is a K-12 certified teacher through the State of Maine. In addition to her Maine teaching certification, Dasha holds a DALF diploma, (Diplôme Approfondi de la Langue Française), Advanced French Language Diploma, certified by the French Ministry of Education.
Originally from Russia, Dasha now lives in Monmouth with her husband and their 18 months old daughter Amelia. As it is the classroom project this year to take the children on an educational trip around the world, Dasha will be able to enrich that project with her personal experiences of growing up in Russia. Dasha’s teaching experience is extensive and varied, having taught French as an intern at Freeport High School and as a full time teacher at Boothbay High School in Maine, as well as teaching both English and French in many situations in Russia.
Dasha is a talented artist and holds an Honor Certificate from the Voronezh Youth Fine Arts School. She enjoys painting, ceramics and drawing. She also enjoys piano, choral singing, rhythmic gymnastics and choreography. As a camp counselor both in Maine and in Russia, Dasha has shared these artistic interests with children of all ages. Dasha is looking forward to the experience of working with young children in a total French immersion environment, and we are thrilled to welcome her into the school.