Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playground equipment

Dear Parents,

As you know, a healthy body and a healthy mind are important for a child's development. Recess is an important part of the day. Teachers and parents will affirm that without recess, children do not learn as well and are less focused in the classroom.

We are about to partake in a new and exciting venture for our students. We have carefully selected new playground equipment that is age appropriate, encourages creativity and development, and also blends into the natural setting of the environment. The purchase of this equipment would remain a long-lasting addition to our school. This structure would also benefit children in the community because our playground is used by neighborhood children outside of school hours.

Please take a moment to look at the proposed playground equipment, a climbing wall and tree house structure. A poster of the structures we would like to purchase is found hanging on the bulletin board near the office. The structure offers safe physical play for a wide range of ages serving children from preschool through middle school.

You can also view the structures on the website of Landscape Structures, using the links below:

Tree House:

The Peak Natural Climber:

Where we need your help:
We will have a fundraising kick-off event in April. We will be raising money through Corporate Sponsorship, Grants, the local community and fundraising efforts at the school. We are looking to raise approximately $50,000 to the purchase and installation of the new equipment.

We believe this equipment will add a wealth of value to the school experience and will provide lasting memories for our students of their happy memories with friends on the playground!

Thank you for your help as we undertake this exciting effort!