Sunday, March 22, 2009

Les cinq sens...

Bonjour !

For the few past weeks, the PS/MS and the GS have been studying the 5 senses. After having covered Taste « le goût », Smell « l’odorat » and Touch « le toucher », we will now start Sight « la vue ».
Last week, as part of the « toucher » activities, the PS/MS/GS divided into 4 groups. One activity was to touch objects in a closed shoe box to recognize them and say if they were hard, soft… Another activity was to find among all the objects of the classroom something hard, something scratchy… The third group had to find in a bag, without looking, the shapes that were corresponding to the ones on a board (match the shape of a circle to the circle on a board). And in the last group, the children had to take their socks off and walk and touch different textures (sand, leaves, water…)

We had a lot of fun and learned a lot !